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True Partner is a team of specialists and market experts in the areas of Fund Management, Software Development, Financial Training & Education and Quantitative Research & Development. We share our expertise in the different business units with our clients and investors.
By combining our years of experience and with our team members having worked together for over a decade, we strive to generate steady investment returns for our investors, develop fast and robust trading software and market gateways for our technology clients and educate the next generation of market professionals.
Our affiliates are active in various fields:
Asian Volatility Arbitrage.
Professional trading software for stocks, options, futures and algorithmic trading.
Global direct market access using low latency market gateways.
Creating experts through dedicated education & training.
Innovation in the field of derivatives by fostering cooperation between industry and academia.
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- True Partner Research HK Ltd.
- True Partner Fund
- True Partner Education Ltd.
- True Partner Advisor Ltd.
- True Partner Advisor HK Ltd.
  (SFC Licensed)
- True Partner China
- T8 Software Consulting Ltd.